Updating a Phrase

This article provides information on the process of making changes to the phrases on your platform. Keep in mind that this is done per language, so a change to a single phrase will become apparent to users that have chosen the language as their main language.

Note: Many phrases in this tool may appear to be the same, but are displayed in different parts of the platform. Take care in ensuring that the correct phrase is being updated for your purposes.

The updating of a phrase takes place in the Phrase View, as described in the Navigating Languages article. This view is accessed in two main ways – by manually navigating to the view by clicking on the language and then section name, or by Searching for a Phrase.

From this view, it is a simple matter of replacing the current phrase(s) with the desired phrase(s), and clicking the Update button at the bottom of the page.


A number of phrases in the Languages tool will appear with tags, identifiable by {curly-braces-and-hyphenation}. These tags act as placeholders for context-specific information, and must not be changed or translated. 

Translated phrases containing tags

The example above shows correct treatment of tags, where the tags are left intact, although the remainder of the phrase has been translated to Chinese. 

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