Searching for a Phrase

The Languages tool contains a button labeled Search For Phrase, which takes the user to a simple search form.

This form contains two fields. The first of which (labeled Phrase) is a text input field, allowing you to enter the search term. For best results, the search term should be the same as a word or phrase you can identify as part of the platform.

The second is a dropdown, containing the available languages on your platform.

Once these two options have been entered, click the Search button, and the results will be fetched.

Phrase Search Results

When the search results are returned, they will be presented in a table with three columns – Matching Phrase, Found in Section, and Edit.

Phrase Search Results

As their names imply, Matching Phrase column holds the phrases that contained the supplied search term(s), and the Found in Section column shows the name of the section to which the phrase belongs. 

Note: There may be cases where your search appears to return results with identical phrase and section. In these cases, simply click on one of the phrases to access the section, and you will be able to differentiate the phrases by the description.

Clicking on the phrase or its edit button will take you to the Phrase View of the section that the phrase belongs to, with the phrase highlighted for ease of access. From here, you can make the appropriate change to the phrase(s), and click the Update button at the bottom of the page.

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