Setting up Integration with Broadbean

This article provides all the details for setting up Broadbean Integration with your World Manager Platform.

Note: Integration can only be set up with an active Broadbean account. Each platform's country needs to be configured with the Secret Key and Admin User details which can be obtained from your Broadbean Account Manager.

Broadbean Settings

1. From National Level, Go to Human Resources → Recruitment → BroadbeanSettings

2. Enter the Secret Key and Admin User details specific for your Broadbean account and Click Update

User Mapping

1. Go to Human Resources → Recruitment → BroadbeanUser MappingAdd User Mapping

Note: One Broadbean User can be mapped to multiple World Manager accounts if required

2. Select A World or National Level Account to map to a Broadbean User

3. Select a Broadbean User

4. Tick Active and Click Update

5. Continue Mapping all required accounts, Repeat Steps 2-4.

User Mapping has now been complete.

Please contact your Relationship Manager or email if you have any questions

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