Configure Login and Passwords

FranConnect SKY provides the ability to define the user’s login experience and level of security. A user will need permissions to set this feature. Role of “Corporate Administrator”.

Since the Corporate User will need to add other users, including other Corporate users, Regional, Divisional (if applies) and Franchise Users, the system web address as well as the Login ID and password has to be supplied. Typically, the user receives a generic password and may not change it so the issue with users keeping the same generic passwords is not considered very secure.  Forcing the user to change their passwords after the first successful login is a best practice.  In addition, there is a configuration that can force a user to update their password every 90 days too for example.

Corporate Users can define the minimum requirements for a password.
You can also lock out a user after a set number of unsuccessful attempts.  All these settings can be configured under:
Admin > Configuration > Configure Password Settings.11.png

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