Add Franchise Location to Finance

One way to add a Franchise Location to Finance is through Admin > Franchise LocationManage Franchise Locations.

However, it will not automatically display in the Finance module unless 2 non-mandatory fields are populated. 
Agreement Version.

Royalty Reporting Start Date.

Agreement version have to be configured under:

Admin > Finance > Agreement Versions

Agreement version allows you to configure various royalty fees involved in your business. Once mapped with Franchise(s) / Store Locations, agreement version calculates royalty as per your configuration.

You have the flexibility to configure your royalty fees to be calculated on percentage basis or as a fixed amount.

Also, if your royalty fees vary with different sales amount ranges or time period, you can use Agreement rule.

Agreement Rule: Specifies the rule in which Royalty fees are computed if it varies with sales range, time period, or number of months of store operations.

The Minimum Cap ($): Specifies the minimum royalty to be paid in case the calculated royalty is less than Min Cap.

The Max Cap ($): Specifies the maximum royalty to be paid in case the calculated royalty is more than Max Cap.

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