Template Management

This article provides information about the various parts of the main template management page found in the Training Templates tool (found under the System suite). In addition to the common content management functions, a few of the buttons and labels are unique to this page.

Preview Dropdown

Above the main table found on this page is a single dropdown that contains all the tests that are available on the platform. This option is temporary, and used in conjunction with the Preview buttons found in the main table. Whatever test is selected here will be the test displayed when previewing the template with Preview buttons.

Management Table

This section of the article provides details about each of the columns found in this table, except for those that are covered by the Common Content Management Paradigms article.

Template Management Table


The name of the template, allowing you to distinguish between the different templates that are available on your platform.


A number ranging between 1 and 3, this column tells you which template style is used by the template. See Template Styles for more information.


A thumbnail of the background used by the template. The background largely contributes to the overall feel of the template, so these thumbnails can be used to easily recognise and distinguish between templates.


A sample of the background colour in use by the template. Similar in purpose to the Image column, this sample can act as a quick identifier for the templates, as this colour also plays a fairly large role in the template's general feel.


This button will display a popup, showing an example of how the template will appear when it is displayed to users. This button is used in conjunction with the Preview dropdown described above.

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