Template Styles

There are three styles that can be selected for a training template, and each have a different effect on the layout of the resulting template. This article tries to convey the differences and similarities between them, using an example of each style. 

The colours in these examples have been chosen to provide contrast between the different elements.

Assets and Settings

These are the assets and settings that were used in all three examples found in the next section.

Background Image

The background used in the examples consists of a light blue pattern, a bold blue border, and the text Background Image. The recommended dimensions for the Background Image differs between the styles, and can be found within the tooltip next to the label for its input field when creating a template.

Background image used in article examples


The logo in the examples consists of a light gold pattern, a bold gold border, and the text Logo. The dimensions of this image is consistent between the different template styles.

Logo used in article examples

Header Image

The header in the example consists of a light red pattern, a bold red border, and the text Header. This image is only available for Style 3.

Logo Position

In all three examples, the Logo Position is set to Top Left.

Background Colour

The background colour used in these examples is a  pale green .

Logo Border Colour

The logo border colour used in these examples is a  fuschia colour . This setting is only available for Styles 1 and 3.

Style Examples

Style 1

Training Template Style 1

Style 2

Training Template Style 2

Style 3

Training Template Style 3

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