Multiple Choice Question

Multiple Choice Questions are question type slides that allow the user to select a single answer, among multiple different potential answers. This page goes into detail about the various options that are available when creating or editing a Multiple Choice Question.

Example of a Multiple Choice Question (Style 3 template)


Question – Field for entering test question.

Solution – A dropdown field that allows you to choose which answer should be considered the correct one.

Image – A field for uploading an image from your device.

Answer 1 - 6 – Text areas that allows you to define the potential answers for this question.

Feedback for Answer 1 - 6 – Message that appears when user selects an answer with the corresponding number.

Audio File – Field for uploading MP3 audio file from your device.

Instructions – Text area that allows you to provide instructions to the user.

Feedback for incorrect answer – Message shown to user when an incorrect answer is chosen.

Feedback for correct answer – Message shown to user when a correct answer is chosen.

Resource Link – Internet address for online content the user will be able to view.

Back – Returns you to the Test Management page without adding the slide to the module.

Save – Saves the slide and returns you to the Test Management page.

Update and Preview – Saves the slide and shows you how the question will be presented when the test is undertaken by users.

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