Tick Box Question

Tick Box Questions are question type slides that allow the user to select/tick multiple text-based answers, among multiple different potential answers. This page goes into detail about the various options that are available when creating or editing a Tick Box Question.

Example of a Tick Box Question (Style 3 template in Mobile (HTML5) Mode)


Question – Field for entering test question.

Image – A field for uploading an image from your device.

Answer 1 - 6 – Text areas that allows you to define the potential answers for this question. In order to mark the correct answers, you must click the checkbox found to the left of these text areas.

Feedback for Answer 1 - 6 – Message that appears when user selects an answer with the corresponding number.

Instructions – Text area that allows you to provide instructions to the user.

Feedback for incorrect answer – Message shown to user when an incorrect answer is chosen.

Feedback for correct answer – Message shown to user when a correct answer is chosen.

Audio File – Field for uploading MP3 audio file from your device.

Resource Link – Internet address for online content the user will be able to view.

Back – Returns you to the Test Management page without adding the slide to the module.

Save – Saves the slide and returns you to the Test Management page.

Update and Preview – Saves the slide and shows you how the question will be presented when the test is undertaken by users.

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