Video Slide

Video Slides are used to display videos to the user during their training. This page goes into detail about the various options that are available when creating or editing a Video Slide.

Example of a Video Slide (Style 3 template)


Title – The label shown at the top of the slide.

Video – Field for uploading a video file from your device. Maximum size is 100 MB, with recommended dimensions of 400 x 320.

Note: When Video Slides are created, the module it's created in will become temporarily unavailable while the video file gets prepared for mobile users. Users will receive a message notifying them that the content is being updated if they try to start the module.

Resource Link – Internet address for online content the user will be able to view.

Content – Text area where you can enter formatted text that will be displayed to the user.

Back – Returns you to the Test Management page without adding the slide to the module.

Save – Saves the module and returns you to the Test Management page.

Update and Preview – Saves the module and shows you how the slide will be presented when the test is undertaken by users.

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