Creating a Link

This article provides information about the various options that are available when creating Links. To begin creating a Link, first open the Links tool (found under the Communication suite), and click the New Link button.


  • Name – The main reference given to this Link. It will be the label that appears under its image.
  • Folder – The folder in which this Link will belong. If a folder is being viewed when the New Link button is pressed, this field will default to the viewed folder.
  • Target selectors – Used to determine for which users this Link will become available and accessible. See Targeting for more information on using targeting selectors.
  • URL Link – The website that this Link will lead to. If available, it would be best to use the https version of a website in this field.
  • Image – File upload field, this option allows you to set a custom picture for the Link. This image will appear above the Name of the Link, when it is viewed by users in the Links tool.
  • Active – This option allows the Link to be visible and accessible to users.
  • URL Visible – This option will display the entered URL Link below the name of the Link, as it is displayed in the Link tool.
  • Featured – Turning this option on will add the Link to the list of Links available to users through the Links widget.

Once the form is filled out appropriately, press the Save button to create the Link.

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