Linking QR codes to Customer Feedback

QR codes (abbreviated from Quick Response codes) are a type of barcode. These barcode types are used to link to URLs.  In this article we are going to show you how to convert a Public Access URL into a QR code so external users can complete a customer feedback survey just by scanning the code.

Tip: This can be useful if putting barcodes on receipts or advertising material as it allows users to scan the QR code with a mobile device which takes them directly to the survey.

Ensure the mobile device has a QR code reader. If not by default, you can download a QR reader from the app store.

Example below for an IOS device:

1. From National Level go to: Operations→ Customer Feedback

2. Create your Customer Feedback Survey (Click here for how to create)

3. Once you have created your survey, copy the Public Access link

4. Using a QR code converter, you can create a QR code. This converts your Public Access link into a QR code.

Note: There are a number of free QR code converters online. E.g. or

5. Converted URL to QR code will look something like this:

6. You now have your QR code and where provided these can be scanned by QR code readers on mobile devices which will take the users to the customer feedback survey directly.

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