Creating a Customer Feedback Survey

This article provides details on the different options that are available when creating Customer Feedback surveys. These are the same options shown when editing existing Customer Feedback. 


  • Name – The main reference given to this survey. This is the name that customers will see when completing the survey, and can also be included in the Instructions field by usage of the {survey-name} tag.
  • Target Location – The locations selected here will be the ones that are available for customers to choose from, when beginning the survey. See Targeting for more information about targeting selectors.
  • Instructions – Text area that can be used to enter some text that will be shown to users before beginning this survey. Tags are available for use in this text area, see Template Tags for more information.
  • Email Template – The template that will be used by the invitation emails for this survey. See Email Template Styles for more information.
  • Custom Skin – This survey can be presented in a custom skin, to tailor to the survey's purpose. To add custom skins to the list, please contact your Relationship Manager.
  • Privacy Setting – Turning this option will make the submitted copies of this survey accessible to only National Manager level users and above.
  • Reset Button – Presents a Reset button at the end of the survey, which will return the user to the initial page, where a new survey can be begun. This is useful for in-store usage of this form, as it allows for easy consecutive completions.
  • Invite by Email– Invitations for this survey can be sent to email addresses that are listed here. If sending invitations to more than one email address, they must be separated by either spaces or commas.
    • View Invitees – Click this button to reveal a popup with a list of all emails that have been sent an invitation in the past. It will also mark whether or not that user has completed the survey.
  • Public Access – Turning this option on will reveal a URL that can be sent to anyone, and they will be able to access and complete this survey.
  • Active – Turn this option on to make this Customer Feedback survey available.
  • Save – Press this button to create the Customer Feedback survey.

What to do next

Once you have entered all the above information, you are ready to add Sections to the survey. See Adding Sections to Customer Feedback Surveys for more information.

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