Image Gallery - Uploading a File

Image files are uploaded into relevant gallery folders for viewing on your platform.

This article provides instructions on uploading image files. To start this process, simply click the New Image button in the Image Gallery tool.

Note: This button will always appear for Administrators and Managers. However, it will only appear for Employees if the 'Allow User Image Upload' option has been enabled on the applicable image gallery folder. See the Creating a Folder article for more on this.

Example of New Image form

Important: If you are using the Image Gallery upload function for the first time, you will be presented with Terms and Conditions which you must accept in order to proceed. This will only be displayed upon your first use of this functionality.


  • Folder – Select a folder from the drop-down menu the image file should appear in
  • Image– File upload field for selecting the file you wish to upload from your device to the gallery. This field has some restrictions/requirements (as below):
    • Allowed file types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png
    • Maximum total size: 100 MB (per image)
    • Maximum number of files: 20 (using the 'Add Another Image' option)
    • Recommended dimensions: 800 x 600 px (for best viewing)
  • Caption – Enter a caption, which will appear under the image when viewed in the gallery [optional]
  • Add Another Image – Ticking this option will reload the new image upload form (again) after you click on the Save button, so that you can upload another image [optional]

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