Image Gallery - Creating a Folder

Folders are a way to organise your image files that are uploaded into your platform into relevant galleries for viewing.

This article provides instructions on folder creation. To start this process, simply click the New Folder button in the Image Gallery tool.

Example of New Folder form


  • Name – The main reference given to the gallery folder, this is the text that will appear to yourself and other users when viewed in the Image Gallery tool
  • Target Location / Group / Account –  You can use these 'Target' selectors to restrict access to a specific Country/Countries (if at World Level), Group(s) and/or Account(s). This will allow access to who can view and upload images to this Folder

Note: If you want to allow all images to be viewed by all users, then leave the selectors set to 'All Countries', 'All Groups' and 'All Accounts'.

  • Active – If turned on, a group of targeting selectors will appear, allowing you to setup preset targeting selectors for any files you wish to add to it later on

Tip: It's a good idea not to activate a folder until the images have been uploaded. Once Active is ticked, all targeted accounts can access that folder instantly.

  • Allow User Image Upload – Enabling this option will allow any targeted employee-level account(s) to upload images to this folder

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