Using the Search feature

Searching All Content Types

The quickest way to access the search functionality in the platform is through the search icon in the header. Clicking this icon will open the search dropdown.

Search dropdown from the header

Performing a search here will traverse through all of the searchable content types that are available for your account group, returning a comprehensive account of items that contain the search term. In keeping with the rest of the platform, only those items that are relevant to the searcher (i.e. items that are targeted at the searcher, or fall within their branch of the hierarchy) are shown.

The tools that are looked at in this overall search are:

To keep the results manageable, they are grouped by their content type, and only the first five items from each of these groups are initially shown. Each of these groups also have a heading, detailing how many total results are available for that group, and the content type.

Group of items in an overall search, showing first five results

Search Tabs

Once a search using the search dropdown has been performed, the results page will show a number of tabs above the search results, allowing you to direct the focus of your search to certain tools. 

Search Tabs

The screenshot above shows the tabs that are available to Administrators, Area Managers, and Multi General Managers. Regular General Managers, Store Managers, and Employees have neither the Location or Account tabs.


Our search functionality treats the percentage sign (%) as a wildcard character. This means that it can be used to match with zero or more characters of any type.

This is particularly useful if you only recall part of the item that you are looking for.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you do not recall the exact spelling of a name you can use the wildcard character (%) to replace the characters you are unsure of. For example, searching for 'John S%h' or 'John S%' will return the name 'John Smith'.
  • If you are unsure of the exact name of what you are searching you can type only part of the name to return a list that will match what you have typed. For example, searching for 'John' will return any matching words such as 'John Smith' or 'John Howard'.
  • There are some search fields that auto-populate as you type so you will be presented with a list to choose from. This type of search field appears when assigning a watcher to a Service Desk ticket, assigning a task to a Service Desk ticket & assigning a owner to a goal or milestone.
  • If you search a user by first and last name (e.g. John Smith) but do not get the results you're looking for, it's likely the user has a middle name as well (which you must include). If you do not know the users' middle name, use the wildcard character instead.
  • When searching for a document you have the option to search by 'All Search Words' or 'Any Search Words'. 'All Search Words' will return all documents that contain all of the searched terms (separated by spaces) these words can be in any order. Searching by 'Any Search Words' will return documents that contain at least 1 of the searched terms.
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