Searching Manuals and Files


When a search is performed on Manuals and Files, the search query is checked against the name of the file, and text-based files (such as PDF, DOC, XLSX files) will also have the search query checked against the contents of the document.

When it is being checked against the name, the search usage is similar to that of Account and Location searching.

The behaviour of searching the contents of documents is affected by the two available filters.

When search results are returned for Manuals and Files, the same icons will appear in the search results as the main folder page. It also displays the breadcrumb menu.


When the search query is compared against a document body, the search first breaks up the entered query into parts that are separated by spaces. These parts are then treated as individual search terms, with the behaviour depending on the filter chosen.

All Search Words

This will ensure that a file will only appear if the individual search terms (separated by spaces) can all be found within the document body. This is irrespective of the word order – as long as each of the terms appear at least once in a certain file, that file will be returned as part of the search results.

Any Search Words

This will ensure that a file will appear if any one of the individual search terms (separated by spaces) appear within the document body.

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