Using a Youtube video as attached content

If there is a Youtube video you would like employees to view in their training you can use an embeddable URL for the video as 'Attached Content' for a module, which will cause the video to be displayed in the platform at the start of a module.

The module will also need to have either a questionnaire or a standalone package. If you do not have a questionnaire or package you would like to use, you can add a simple 'Yes' or 'No' question that the employee will need to complete after watching the video.

You can use a Youtube video as attached content for a module by following the steps below:

Obtaining an embeddable URL for the video:

1. Go to the video on Youtube.

2. Click the 'Share' button.

3. Click the 'Embed' button. The page should now look similar to the image below. 

You will find the URL for the video in the code on the right-hand side. The URL will look similar to the below URL:


Note: The embeddable URL will not be the same as the share link for the video. The share link will not work and will be blocked when it is used in a module.

Creating a module using the embeddable URL

1. Go to Training → E-Learning on the platform.

2. Click on the New Module button.

3. Next to 'Attached Content' select 'External Link' and enter the URL for the video in the text field that appears.

4. You will now either need to add a questionnaire to the module or a package. To add a questionnaire tick 'Training Template' and select a template type. Click 'Save' and then re-enter the module you just created and add a multiple choice question with a 'Yes' or 'No' answer. Activate the module so it will be viewable.

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