What Happens When a Package is Updated?

There are two ways you could update a package used by a module.

  1. Uploading a new file to an existing package
  2. Replacing the package in an E-Learning module with a new package

What Happens?

In both of the scenarios above updating the package will NOT cause the module to reset. All users that have completed the module using the old version of the package will still have their training marked as passed. 

Uploading a New File to an Existing Package

If the package file has been updated, the users who have started the package will continue to see the version of the package they started with. 

Only employees that are attempting the package for the first time will see the new version of the package. 

Note: If an employee reviews their attempt for the module, they will see the version of the package they were using when they completed the module, and they will not see the latest version of the package file. 

Changing the Package Used by an E-Learning module

If you have created a new package and replaced an existing package in a module, users will be forced to start from the beginning using the new package file. This includes users who had started the old package file.

Note: if they had already completed the module using a different package they will instead see the new package that was added to the module when they review their training.

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