Forum Censorship

The Forum tool has the ability to censor certain words and phrases, whereby those specified terms are replaced with a preset text, when it is detected within the text of a message or thread title.

These terms and their replacements can be configured by Administrators, by first opening the Forum tool (found under the Communication suite), clicking on Admin Mode, Admin Tools, and then the Word Censor button. This will take you to the Word Censorship list.

Word Censorship list (obscene text obscured for this article)

This will display any words that are currently censored in the Forum, the corresponding replacement text, as well as an extra, empty row at the bottom of the table. 

This extra row at the bottom is used to enter new words. Once these bottom rows have been filled, click the Update button to submit the new censorship, and the page will be refreshed with another empty row below the new entry.

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