Creating a Contact

This article aims to provide information about the various options that are available when creating a Contact in the Contact Us tool.

To begin the process, open the Contact Us tool (found under the Communication suite at Country level) and click the New Contact button.


  • Name – The main reference given to this contact, this field usually contains the name of the person or company division that will be associated with this Contact.
  • Email – The email address that submitted Contact Us forms will be sent to, when users of the platform choose this Contact.
  • Target selectors – These targeting selectors are used to determine which users on the platform will be able to see this Contact in their Contact Us tool. See Targeting for more information on targeting selectors.
  • Description – Text field, typically used to enter some information about the contact, such as title within the company.
  • Image – File upload field that accepts a variety of image type files. This will be displayed next to the Contact information when users view their Contact Us tool.

Tip: Recommended image size is 700px (H) x 700px (W).

  • More Info Title – Subheading for further information provided in the next field.
  • More Info – Text area, used to enter further information. This can be used to explain what this Contact should be contacted for, any attachments that should be added, and any further procedures that should perhaps be followed.
  • Email Template Style – This option determines what look and feel the email (sent to the email address entered previously) will have when it is sent out. Initially set to Default, this can be set to Custom to reveal a dropdown that allows you to choose another email template style that has been made available on your platform. See Adding Email Template Styles for more information (requires World Level access).
  • Allow Anonymous Submissions – This option ensures that the email recipient will not be able to determine who the message is from. The email will appear to come from the platform's no-reply email address.
  • Allow Attachments – This option will allow the user to add an attachment when sending a message to this contact.

Once the Contact information has been filled in appropriately, press the Save button to submit the form.

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