Adding Sessions to an Event

Once an event has been created, sessions for that event can then be added. Right after creating the event, you will be taken to the Event Details page, from which you are provided potentially two buttons for creating sessions: New Session and (if the event's duration is set to 1 day) Create Multiple Sessions. If you are seeking to add sessions to an existing event, its details page can be accessed by clicking on its name in the Events tool.

Creating a Session

When using either of these buttons to initiate the creation of a session, you will be taken to a form containing the following fields.


  • Name – The main reference given to this session, this will be the main identifier, shown to users when viewing the event's sessions.
  • Targeting selectors – Used to determine which users can view and register for the session. See Targeting for more information on how to target users.
  • Capacity – The number of users that can become registered for this event.
  • Date – An interactive representation of a calendar, allowing for the date(s) of the session to be selected. The number of days selected here must exactly match the duration number chosen when the event was created. If the Create Multiple Sessions button was used to access this page, multiple dates may be selected, each subsequent date representing an extra session. When a date is selected, it appears underneath the calendar with a start and end time for that date.
  • Content – Rich text editor that allows for adding further information surrounding the session.
  • Active – Makes the session viewable and available for registration.

Once you are satisfied with the form, click the Save button to create the session(s).

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