Contract Generation - Candidate Portal

The Candidate Portal is where candidates review and sign Contracts. The candidate will receive a welcome email once the Manager has offered a Contract to the candidate.

Note: Welcome Email Templates need to be configured first under World or National Level System → System Configuration → System Email Templates → Contract Generation or check out this article for more info: Contract Generation - 5. Creating Email Templates

Welcome Email

Below is an example of a Welcome Email that is sent to a candidate:

1. Once the candidate clicks on the log in link, they will be taken to the login portal page on your platform

Note: The candidate will be restricted to the Candidate Portal only and will not have any other access to the Platform.

2. Once Logged in, they will be taken to the Candidate Portal, where there are 4 steps of accepting a Contract:

1. Dashboard

2. Candidate Details

3. Review Contract

4. Accept Contract

Step 1 - Dashboard

In the Candidate Portal, candidates will be able to review and sign the Contract Package. They can also make changes to personal details if required. Any changes to contract documents in the package will need to first be discussed with the hiring manager before signing the contract. The Manager can then make the required changes.

1. To start the process, Click Next

Step 2 - Candidate Details

Review Candidate Details and click Next

Step 3 - Review Contract

1. Review the included Documents in this Contract Package by clicking on each Document. In the below example, there are 3 documents to review.

Note: Items that have the pink fountain pen icon indicate the document has required signature sections, in this example, all 3 documents require a signature

2. Once you Click on the Document, a preview will pop up as below.

 Tip: You can also Download and Print the Document from the preview using the icons in the top right-hand corner

3. Close the preview and view all Documents

Note: If the Candidate does not preview all the Documents and tries to proceed, an error will appear: 'ERROR: Please view all documents before proceeding'

 The example below highlights the Document 'Waiver - All Employees' has not been viewed

4. Once you have viewed all the Documents Click Next

Step 4 - Sign Contract

1. The Candidate can sign the Contract electronically using an e-signature

Tip: You can use your mouse on desktop computers and a stylus or a finger on touchscreen devices

2. Click the Acknowledgement tick box below and then ClickSign

3. You will now notice the status of the Contract changes from 'Pending Candidate Signature' to either 'Pending Acceptance' or 'Pending Manager Signature' depending if the manager has signed the Contract. In this example, the Manager Signed the Contract when it was sent to the Candidate so the status reads 'Pending Acceptance' 

4. The candidate can now close the window and the Contract can now be accepted by the Manager to finalise the Contract and create an account for this candidate on the platform (If required).

Should you require more information please get in touch with our Support Team via or contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

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