Creating Dead/Killed Lead Reasons

Tracking leads who are no longer interested or qualified to purchase a Franchise is important to ensure correct tracking and reporting.  FranConnect allows you to eliminate your dead/killed from the lead pool so you can focus your efforts on those leads who will move forward to purchase.

In the Sales module, when you are no longer working with a lead, you can change their status to dead/killed and include a reason why. This will help you keep track of why you are no longer working with them.

When you use killed lead statuses entering the reason is mandatory, you must select a killed lead reason in order to save the lead information.

To Create Killed Lead Reasons:

Go to Admin > Define Lead Attributes > Configure Lead Killed Reason.6-23-2022_9-36-23_AM.png

Add the Lead Killed Reason.

6-23-2022_9-57-02_AM.pngCreate your own Killed Reason and associate it with a Status.6-23-2022_9-59-39_AM.png

To create lead statuses to associate with the Killed Lead:

Admin > Configure Sales Process Steps > Status.6-23-2022_10-14-07_AM.pngAdd Lead Status.


Choose the name of your status, then associate it with Killed Leads.


Once you have created the Killed lead status, upon selecting it from the Status field in the lead record, you will see the status, will be able to select the reason and include comments. Capture.PNG

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