Configuring Email CC: and BCC: Defaults

Using this tool can help you keep track of emails that are being sent from the FranConnect system. If you oversee certain operations, like the process of completing the FDD, you may set up a process for the FDD emails to be sent to you directly. 

Pros and Cons of this Solution:
Being copied will allow you to hop on top of emails that may require attention If too many emails are being sent out however, this may flood your inbox. You might want to create a separate folder in your inbox for these emails. 
When copying yourself on system emails, make sure that being copied is necessary. Receiving emails that are not relevant to your daily processes may cause unnecessary frustration. Also, include colleagues on your team so that they can manage certain communications.  

Please see below for a description of the process: 

Admin > Email Setting > Configure Defaults CC/BCC Email.


Add your email address to any of the field under Cc email or Bcc email. 

FDD: You will be copied on FDD emails that are sent from the system.
Sales: You will be copied on emails that are sent from the Sales module. 
Info Manager: You will be copied on emails that are sent from the Info manager module.



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