How do I Manage Duplicate Leads

On occasion, a lead is submitted by multiple sources or fills out a web form multiple times. To prevent your sales team from duplicating work, setting up the duplicate lead criteria can be critical to organized lead assignment. In FranConnect, when a lead is considered a duplicate, they will be assigned to the same owner as the original lead.

 To Setup Duplicate Lead Criteria
The system brings the lead in and checks if the lead is a duplicate based on the settings in:
Admin > CRM > Configure Duplicate Criteria. 

​​Here, you can set up two different searches to look for duplicate leads. In the example below, the settings show that a lead must have the same First Name, Last Name, and Email address in Duplicate Criteria 1.


If the duplicate lead criteria is set with the above settings, then the lead will need to match the selected data to be seen as a duplicate lead.

First Name: John
Last Name: Doe
Phone Number: (222) 333-4444
Email Address:

 and a second lead comes in with the data:

First Name: J
Last Name: Doe
Phone Number: (222) 333-4444
Email Address

Note: They would not be seen as a duplicate lead because not all of the fields matched in Duplicate Criteria 1.

Duplicate Criteria 2 is searching off another combination of the leads data using the same options in the example above. In this screenshot Duplicate Criteria 2, the Email Address and Phone number are being searched, so while the two leads would not have matched from Criteria 1 they would in criteria 2 and leads John Doe and J Doe will be matched as duplicates in the system because they share the same Email Address and Phone number.

 By setting up the Duplicate lead setting then it would ensure that only one person is focused on the Lead, and work is not being duplicated by other members of your sales team.

Note: Within a given Brand in the Sales module, for any 'send email' action and campaigns, contacts that are recognized as duplicates do not receive emails more than once. The Sky system is designed to check for duplicates to avoid sending multiple emails to the same person.

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