July 2024 Release Updates

Important Update: Transition to the New Royalty Manager

As previously notified, with the July release, we have transitioned to the new Royalty Manager experience, featuring enhanced features and a user-friendly interface for managing royalties.

Key Capabilities:

  • Automate Sales Reporting: Seamlessly integrates with POS systems for efficient sales reporting.
  • Accurate Royalty Calculation: Ensures precise calculations for royalties, marketing fees, and tech fees.
  • Optimize Payment Collection: Simplifies payment processing and reconciliation with Invoice to Pay solution.
  • Centralize Financial Data: Integrates with ERP systems to manage financial information centrally.
  • Real-Time Financial Insights: Provides up-to-date financial analytics for better decision-making and oversight.

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Applicable Module: Royalty Manager (previously called Finance)

2024 Franchise Sales Index Report: Data-Driven Insights

Gain critical insights into franchise sales trends and performance benchmarks with FranConnect's 2024 Sales Index Report.

Key Capabilities:

  • Lead Generation Analysis: Discover the most effective strategies and channels for high-quality lead generation.
  • Close Rate Insights: Learn about industry-specific close rates and strategies for improvement.
  • Sales Cycle Optimization: Understand average sales cycle lengths and how to streamline them.
  • Top-Performing Industries: Identify leading industries in franchise sales and the reasons behind their success.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Implement data-driven strategies to enhance sales processes and franchise growth.

Applicable Module: Analytics

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Checkout the webinar with the latest Franchise Sales Index, here. 

New Engagement Portal

Enhance Communication and Information Sharing

Key Capabilities:

  • Content Organization: Create categories and subcategories to ensure information is accessible, organized, and easily shared.
  • Share Tailored Information: Target categories to specific roles for effective information sharing.
  • Centralized Communication: Integrate videos, images, and documents with the new "Library Content" component to keep all team members informed and engaged.
  • Operational Efficiency: Use the enhanced Links widget to create a one-stop shop for all vendor systems and resources.
  • Branded Experience: Upload custom icons and configure themes for text, links, and buttons to ensure a cohesive, branded look.

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Applicable Module: The Hub

Custom Views for Unit Information

Enhance productivity and business workflows.

Key Capabilities:

  • Personalized Views: Create and manage custom Unit Summary views with all relevant attributes and flexible filters, enhancing productivity.

  • Secure Data Access: Ensure that users only have access to the data they need by using accessibility options, maintaining data security.

  • Enhanced UX: Configure Tabular Section fields, display counts for multi-record tabs, and view details in one place, improving efficiency.

Applicable Module: Information Manager

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Location Tracking for Site Visits

Ensure Audit Accuracy and Operational Compliance

Key Capabilities:

  • GPS Tracking: Capture GPS coordinates for location and question responses during visits to ensure audit transparency and accuracy.

  • Enhanced Compliance: Verify that audits are conducted at the assigned locations, ensuring adherence to standards.

  • Streamlined Audit Processes: Utilize GPS data to streamline audits, improving efficiency and accuracy

Applicable Module: Brand Consistency (previously called Field Ops)

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Automate Certification Tasks

Automatically generate follow-up tasks when certifications such as a certificate of insurance or third-party audit expire

Designed For: Operations Managers, Compliance Officers, Quality Managers

Key Capabilities:

  1. Embedded forms: Embed certification forms in your certifications tasks to collect vital data.
  2. Automate renewal tasks: Automatically generate tasks to request new certifications based on their expiration date.
  3. Report on expiring certifications: Using a form to collect expiration dates allows you to report on expiring forms alongside any audit result data.

Applicable Module: Rizepoint

Other Updates

Enhanced FDD Item 23 Signature Experience in Franchise Sales and Information Manager

Key updates include removing FAQs from the landing page, updating step descriptions for signing the FDD Receipt, and revising email notifications and signed Item 23 PDF receipts to ensure compliance with legal standards.

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Discover Content Categories and the New Hub Library on Mobile!

Stay updated with well-organized company news, operational guidelines, and marketing assets with our enhanced FranConnect Mobile App. Download the app now to access these resources on-the-go.

Custom Segment attributes management via Segments API in Information Manager

The new API endpoint streamlines custom segment data management, enhancing hierarchy data flexibility and system integrations with FranConnect. Retrieve attribute categories, types, and validations efficiently. Modify multiple field values with a single request, supporting complex hierarchies and integrations.

Improved Email Alerts and Error Handling for Sales Accelerator for Your Franchise Sales Leads

In this release, we have introduced automatic retries for Sales Accelerator workflows. Lead owners will also receive email notifications if retries are unsuccessful, directing them to contact support for assistance.

Early Access[Beta Updates]

Split Invoicing & Payment Dates for Different Fee Types

Enhance the flexibility of your Royalty Invoicing process

Key Capabilities:

  • Split Invoices by Fees: Divide the original invoice into multiple invoices based on different fees.
  • Customizable Invoices: Create invoices for each fee or group them into sets for optimized financial management.
  • Flexible EFT Frequencies: Set different EFT frequencies to process multiple invoices according to your financial workflows.

Beta Release: To enable this feature, contact betatesting@franconnect.com.

Applicable Module: Royalty Manager (previously called Finance)

Track Business Reviews at the Franchisee Level using FranConnect Brand Consistency

Designed for service-based franchise brands, this update enables tracking of virtual visits, coaching engagements, business reviews, and action plans across multiple territories owned by a franchisee. This holistic view of a franchisee's performance empowers targeted support and improvement.

Beta Release: To enable this feature, contact betatesting@franconnect.com.

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