May 2024 Release Updates

Smart Audits With Conditional Questions

Optimize operational efficiency and ensure compliance across locations.

Designed For: Operations Directors, Field Business Coaches/Consultants, Franchisees

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Question Pathways: Create tailored audit and review pathways based on previous responses for more efficient audits.
  • Focused Data Collection: Use conditional logic to collect relevant, high-quality data specific to audits and inspections.
  • Efficient Review Processes: Cut down time on audits and reviews by removing unnecessary questions, allowing greater focus on coaching.

Enhanced Invoice to Pay

Automate Payment Collection, including Royalties, Marketing, and Licensing Fees

Designed For: CFOs, Finance Teams, Franchisees

Key Features:

  • Simplified Setup: Activate payment options across multiple locations simultaneously with ease. Facilitate payment method setup on behalf of franchisees or swiftly send them requests to configure their preferred payment options.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Provide franchisees the ability to manually settle payments before their invoice due dates. This flexibility encourages early payments and facilitates quicker payouts.

Master Franchisee Royalty Management

Align Global Royalty Invoicing with Business Expansion and Diversification.

Designed For: CFOs, Finance Teams, Master Franchisees

Key Features:

  • Market-Specific Invoicing: Customize non-financial categories by franchise to meet regional demands, ensuring that invoicing reflects local market needs accurately.
  • Agreement Compliance: Generate invoices that are fully compliant with Master Franchise Agreements, maintaining legal and operational standards.
  • Transparent Oversight: Provide master franchisees with clear, compliant documentation, facilitating easier financial audits and enhancing transparency.

Important Update: Transition to the New Royalty Manager

Please note that from the May release onwards, only the new Royalty Manager interface will receive updates and support. We encourage all users to make the transition to the new Royalty Manager by the first week of July to ensure uninterrupted service and to benefit from its enhanced features and user-friendly experience for managing royalties. Learn more at


Other Updates

Save time and effort needed to find relevant information.

Designed For: Sales, Legal, Operations Teams, Franchisees and Business Managers

Key Features:

  • Quick Filter Options: Quickly locate leads, locations, owners, and documents with newly integrated quick filters in the global search, designed for ease and speed.
  • Enhanced Display for Multi-Unit Owners: Improved display of locations assigned to multi-unit owners or managers, making it easier to view location ownership and management structures.

Configure Document Display in What’s New Email

Streamline information access and reduce information overload.

Designed For: Training, Communication, Marketing Teams.

Key Features:

  • Selective Display Options: Choose whether a document appears in 'What's New' or 'Recently Uploaded' sections when adding or modifying files.
  • Customizable Notification Settings: The configuration also controls document visibility to email notifications, enabling users to receive relevant updates without the clutter of unnecessary alerts.

Access Essential Resources On-the-Go.

Designed For: Training, Communication, Marketing Teams, Franchisee and Business Managers.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized Mobile Interface: Enjoy a visually engaging interface designed specifically for mobile use, enhancing the user experience and accessibility.
  • Instant Access to Resources: Access critical company resources like news, operational guidelines, and marketing assets with just a few taps on your mobile device.

Customize Task Order for Your Operations Playbooks

Tailor your operational processes to align with business workflows

Designed For: Operations Directors, Field Business Coaches/Consultants, Franchisees

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality: Organize tasks within the Playbook effortlessly using a user-friendly interface, allowing for efficient workflow adjustments.
  • Customized Workflow Alignment: Tailor the task sequence to specific needs and priorities for the locations, ensuring operations are executed in the most effective order.

Hierarchy Data Integration via Enhanced Segments API

Segments API now supports custom hierarchy attributes retrieval, streamlining the integration of hierarchical data across your external systems for improved accessibility and organizational efficiency.

Learn More at visit

Unified FDD compliance and tracking within Info Manager

Monitor FDD tracking such as downloads and acknowledgments with the added capability to record receipt signatures and signature dates for your FDD redisclosures.

Newly available dashboards in FranConnect Analytics.

With this release, we are adding new dashboards and scorecards for Franchise Development and Operations teams, enhancing support for multi-location businesses. These dashboards enable the sales team to track pipeline performance and oversee new unit openings, while operations teams gain access to specialized dashboards for site visits and operational performance, catering to industries like senior care, automotive, QSR, and fitness.

Learn more at

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