April 2024 Release Updates

New Royalty Manager

Streamline Royalty Management for Your Global Franchise Brand

Designed For: Finance Teams, Franchise Owners

Key Features:

  • Export Excel Views: Generate detailed Excel reports for Sales, Royalties, Payments, and Memos for record-keeping and data manipulation.
  • Saved Views with Timeline Filters: Automatically save views with timeline filters like last 7 days or current month on Overview cards for a quick assessment of financial trends and immediate insights.
  • Location-based Filtering: Apply location attributes in Sales and Royalty listings to conduct tailored analysis and address specific market performance.
  • Master Franchisee Invoicing Management: Streamline invoicing and royalty calculations with tools that respect Master Franchise Agreements, ensuring compliance and simplifying financial operations across hierarchies.

New Engagement Portal

Enhance Communication And Information Sharing

Designed For: Operations Teams, Franchise Owners, Business Managers

Key Features:

  • Specialized Category Creation: Set up specific categories within the portal to share tailored content. This enables targeted communication, ensuring that each team and initiative receives relevant information, enhancing the relevance and impact of the shared content.
  • Streamlined System-Wide Communication: Improve your network's engagement and satisfaction with a unified communication system. Centralizing messages and updates makes it easier for everyone to stay informed, fostering a more connected and informed community.
  • Direct Media Embedding from Hub Library: Integrate videos and images into category pages without hassle. This feature grants immediate access to dynamic and engaging media, enriching the content experience and aiding in visual and interactive learning.

New Visits API

Optimize compliance monitoring and integration for enhanced brand standard adherence.

Designed For: IT Specialists, Operations Managers and Field Business Consultants

Key Features:

  • Automated Visit Scheduling: Utilize the REST API to automate the planning of visits, syncing with external system events for streamlined scheduling. This automation saves time and reduces errors, ensuring that compliance checks are timely and systematic.
  • Direct Access to Compliance Data: Access Visit Listings, Visit Details, and Task Details through the API for a smooth integration with other systems. This feature enables a centralized view of compliance activities, facilitating easier data management and analysis.
  • Real-Time Notifications via Webhooks: Stay updated with immediate alerts for any creation, updates, or deletions of data. These real-time updates help maintain continuous awareness of compliance status, promoting prompt responses to any necessary changes.

To Learn More: https://docs.franconnect.net/#tag/Visits

Improved Operational Playbooks Accessibility 

Streamline operational execution and safeguard data with improved Playbook management.

Designed For: Operations Managers, Business Consultants/Coaches, Franchise Owners, General Managers and Store Managers

Key Features:

  • All" and "Mine" Filters: Simplify the management of Playbooks with new filtering options. Use the "Mine" filter to view and manage Playbooks you've created or are assigned to, and the "All" filter to access every active Playbook in your network.
  • Public and Private Playbook Accessibility: Ensure Playbooks are only visible to pertinent users. Our enhanced visibility controls for Public and Private Playbooks guarantee that only authorized personnel based on creation and assignment can view relevant Playbooks, strengthening data privacy and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Systemwide Outlet Status Analytics

Elevate your outlet reporting accuracy and FDD generation.

Designed For: Franchise Administration, Legal and Compliance Teams.

Key Features:

  • Drill-Down Reporting: Dive deep into outlet status reports with the ability to analyze Units by states, lifecycle stages, and statuses. This granularity aids in recognizing patterns and pinpointing areas for improvement.
  • Streamlined Unit Deactivation and Termination: The process of deactivating and terminating unit records is now more efficient, with a new prompt to enter the termination date, thereby increasing report accuracy for terminated units.
  • Simplified FDD Reporting: These enhancements are crafted to simplify the creation of your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), allowing for accurate and up-to-date reporting directly from your franchise's system of record.

Other Updates

Segment and Unit Association via Segments API: Streamlined Unit Segmentation and Hierarchy Data Management.

The new `unit_segment_mapping_id` combines a segment's `customSegmentId` with a unit's `unitId`. This identifier uniquely defines each unit's association with its segment, facilitating improved organization and eliminating the need for manual data sorting.

Personalized Unit Summary Views [BETA]: An Intuitive and Efficient Way to Navigate Unit Records

Users can now design their own Unit Summary views, tailored to include all unit attributes. This capability extends the utility of custom reports, streamlining the user experience and enhancing accessibility to pertinent data for decision-making.


For feedback on the new capabilities, email betatesting@franconnect.com.

For API Changes, please visit https://docs.franconnect.net/


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