February 2024 Release Updates


Introducing The Vault: FranConnect's New Customer Training Portal!

Master FranConnect with an all-new Training Portal!

Designed for FranConnect Customers


  • One-Stop Training Shop: Access a wealth of tutorials, resources and interactive learning modules in one centralized portal to increase product knowledge.
  • Built on World Manager Platform: User-friendly design optimized for engaging hands-on training at all experience levels.
  • Meets Unique Learning Needs: Caters to diverse needs - from seasoned users to those getting started.

New Ownership Management

Streamline Franchise Ownership Management in your system of record for location information

Designed for Operations, Administrative, and Legal teams


  • Ownership Mapping: Simplify the process of assigning and overseeing multiple franchise owners and their relationship to specific locations.
  • Intuitive Interface: A new interface to show owner relationships and track additional contacts for entities.
  • Centralized Record-Keeping: Keep all necessary legal and administrative information in one accessible place.

Upgraded Content Editor: Enhance System Wide Engagement

Ensure engaging and personalized communication with your franchise partners, business managers, and employees.

Designed for Marketing, Training, and Communications Teams


  • Enhanced Image Editing: Utilize advanced features such as flipping, rotating, cropping, and applying filters.
  • Seamless Content Transfer: Effortlessly integrate with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and more.
  • Content Personalization at Scale: Craft messages using FranConnect data to enable personalized outreach.
  • Easy Access to Editing Tools: Benefit from an intuitive interface for streamlined content creation.

Global Search Enhancements: Find Relevant Information Faster

Better Search for Improved Content and Information Access

Designed for Franchise owners, Multi-Unit operators, Corporate Staff


  • Improved Search Relevance: Upgraded algorithms deliver relevant results for lead, owner, location information and operational documents, training materials.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Increased alignment between search inputs and outputs with revised weightage improves usability and enhances user experience across the platform.


Field Ops Mobile App: New Filters and Improved Usability

Streamline Operational Oversight and Enhance Field Operations Efficiency.

Designed for Business consultants, Coaches, and Auditors.


  • Enhanced Search Filters: Quickly locate and assess field visits with targeted searches. Use filters such as consultant, status, owner, or center name for efficient management across multiple locations.
  • Improved Usability: Streamlined workflows facilitate improved navigation during audits, inspections, and business reviews in the field.

Download latest FranConnect Field Ops App to benefit from these updates!

Other Updates

  • Refined Operations Navigation with Intuitive Labels: Improved navigation aligns titles with page content, enabling improved usability for operations teams.
  • Enhanced CRM Notification Controls: Use the new option to control email notifications for CRM contacts added via REST API, simplifying customer management for locations.
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