January 2024 Release Updates


New Royalty Manager: Simplify Royalty Management

We are excited to introduce the newly redesigned Royalty Manager, a platform that enhances the management of franchise royalties for brands across various sizes and industries.

Designed for Finance Teams and Franchisees. 


  • Automated Sales Reporting: Centralize sales data effortlessly with seamless POS/CRM platform integration.
  • Accurate Royalty Calculation: Achieve consistent accuracy in calculating franchise royalties and other ongoing fees, such as marketing and technology fees.
  • Streamlined Payments Collection: Simplify the processing and reconciliation of payments with our 'Invoice to Pay' solution to reduce overhead.
  • Enhanced Financial Transparency: Offer franchisees a clearer view of the financial aspects of the in-franchise agreement, fostering trust and visibility.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Enhance the franchisee experience with an interface that is easy to use and navigate.


New Invoice to Pay: Optimize Royalty Payments Collection

Simplify Payment Collection, including Royalties, Marketing, and Licensing Fees.

Designed for Finance Teams and Locations worldwide.


  • Streamlined Invoice Management: Integrates seamlessly with Royalty Manager.
  • Accelerated Payment Collection: Reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by speeding up the collection process.
  • Diverse Global Payment Options: Offers a broad range of payment methods for worldwide operations.
  • Advanced Flywire Platform: Utilizes Flywire’s advanced technology, tailored for global business needs.

Learn more at https://franconnect.com/finance-management-solutions/


Hub Content Categories: Streamline Communications

Enhance Communication Efficiency and Resource Sharing Across Your Organization.

Designed for Operations Teams, Franchise Partners, Business Managers, and Employees.


  • Organized Content Sharing: Streamlines the setup and sharing of content, tailored to the needs of teams, departments, and initiatives.
  • Easy Information Access: Enables easy discovery and utilization of relevant information and resources, optimizing time and efficiency.
  • Improved Communication: Enhances engagement and satisfaction across all levels with better-organized content and easier access.


Operations Notifications: Timely Action for Operational Consistency

Stay informed and proactive for operational efficiency and for brand consistency.

Designed for Operations team and Business Managers.


  • Playbook and Task Alerts: Get email notifications for new tasks and updates. Keep current with task completions and mentions across the platform.
  • Daily Summaries: Receive a comprehensive view of your daily tasks and their progress.
  • Corrective Task Notifications: Obtain prompt alerts for assigned corrective actions, enabling a quick response and ensuring brand consistency.


Playbooks Tracker: Timely Action for Operational Consistency

Promote clear decision-making, immediate action for operational efficiency across your network.

Designed for Operations teams and Business Managers.


  • Centralized Tracking: Keep track of all playbook progress on a single dashboard.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain insights into task completion rates, on-time, and daily task completions.
  • Easy Access to Details: Effortlessly access specific tasks in the "Activities" view for comprehensive information.


FranConnect Mobile: On the go Unit Data Access

Enable efficient on-the-go access to unit data for enhanced operational mobility.

Designed for Operations teams and Business Managers.


  • Seamless Mobile Access: All vital unit lifecycle data readily available on your mobile device.
  • Data at Your Fingertips: Easily view custom fields from the form generator, tailored to your business needs, anytime and anywhere.
  • Enhanced Unit Summary: Navigate and access required Unit Information effortlessly while mobile.


Other Updates: 

Address Book in FranConnect Mobile: Effortlessly select message recipients within your franchise communications.

User-Defined Identifier Sync via Segments API: The updated Segments API now retrieves custom identifiers for units and entities, enhancing data consistency across your systems.

To learn more, checkout https://docs.franconnect.net/

World Manager: New Android App: Enhance front-line employee training with our new app, available on the Google Play Store, offering a branded experience for better engagement and security.
Download the new app now from the Google Play Store. For iOS users, the same app is available on the iOS App Store. Click here to download for iOS.

Enhanced Employee Start Date Management in Tenure-Based Training: Maintain consistent training schedules and safeguard the integrity of training paths with new permissions for managing start dates.

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