December 2023 Release Updates



Optimize Your Royalty Reporting With Franconnect and QuickBooks Online

  • Simplify sales reporting and ensure accurate royalty calculations through automated data synchronization between FranConnect Royalty Manager and QuickBooks Online.
  • Designed to empower finance team and franchisees for precise royalty tracking and reconciliation.
  • Ensure up-to-date financial records by implementing sales adjustments for current and past periods for your royalty calculations.
December 2023 release features
December 2023 release features


Newly Redesigned Royalty Manager [Coming Soon]

The new version of Royalty Manager (RM 2.0) aims to provide an enterprise-grade platform with improved and new capabilities to manage and automate their franchise royalties. The platform enables finance teams to:

  • Connect to POS/CRM platforms to automate sales collection.
  • Accurately track and calculate franchise royalties.
  • Streamline and automate the process of collecting and reconciling payments.
  • Provide transparency on financial aspects of the agreement.
  • Connect with the ERP/Accounting to centralize financial information.
  • Support royalty management across international masters.
  • Get visibility into the latest financial data and analytics.
  • Manage a robust security and compliance system.
  • Access a user-friendly and contextual interface that can be adopted by both finance teams and franchisees.
December 2023 release features


Accurate Lead Qualification Monitor For Franchise Agreements

  • Maintain accurate record of changes to lead qualification details over time by leveraging the newly added "Last Updated On" attribute.
  • For the franchise sales and legal teams who need up-to-date qualification details to draft and revise franchise agreements.
  • Changes are captured automatically; the updated date is visible and can be exported in reports and the Qualification Details Document, ensuring all stakeholders stay informed about the most current lead data.
December 2023 release features


Auto-Generated Unique Identifiers for Ownership Management [Beta]

  • Ensures each owner has a unique identifier, simplifying the tracking of ownership changes and improving data management. This leads to efficient information retrieval and updating.
  • For the legal, operations and IT team to maintain a system of record of your ownership information and facilitate systems integration.
  • Auto-generated IDs for new and existing owners, provides a profile for both single and multi-unit individual, enhancing the ability to monitor and analyze owner activities and ownership structures.
December 2023 release features
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