Introducing Manuals and Files v9.1

In September, World Manager released an upgrade which included back-end changes to the way we store files in the Manuals and Files tool. These changes were made to increase the security around file storage with the introduction of a Centralised File System (CFS). These changes have also given us the opportunity to implement the most requested enhancement for one of our tools, Bulk targeting - more on what this enhancement includes below! 

We have also introduced a range of new features for the Manuals and Files tool which has been released to Live Asia-Pacific and European platforms on November 22, 2018, and North American platforms November 27, 2018.

As this release is a big change for our brands to get used to, we have already released these changes to playgrounds to give our brands the opportunity to see these changes before the live platform release.

Tip: Check out these features in your playground now, or contact if you are having trouble accessing your playground.

These exciting new features include:

  • Tool Redesign - New look and feel of the Manuals and Files tool
  • Enhanced Link Security - Independent External Links Status, as well as the ability to regenerate External Links
  • Bulk Targeting - Ability to re-target existing files and folders
  • Reporting Changes - Updates to the Employee Activity Report and File Download Report, as well as a brand new report Manuals and Files in Stats and Reports 

Note: More information on the above features are outlined below.

Tool Redesign

In changing the way our files are stored on the platform, this provided an opportunity to update the look and feel of the Manuals and Files menu, including a number of new features:

Breadcrumb Trail

You may have seen this type of menu in other areas of the platform. Replacing the multi-level folder view, users can now navigate up or down simply by clicking the appropriate folder name. Users can also jump to any folder within the main folder, making navigation between folders much faster.

New Breadcrumbs

Old Menu

Parent Folder

This provides a shortcut back to the immediate folder of the file or folder the user is currently viewing.

Tip: Using the Parent Folder shortcut is helpful if you need to review multiple files in a folder, quickly navigating back to the immediate folder.

New Preview and Download Icons

Targeted accounts will be presented with new options to either Preview or Download the file. Clicking on the file name will also provide a Preview of the file by default.

Tip: Preview is only available for previewable file types, which includes some Image and Video file types as well as PDF Documents. If you are not sure which file types can be previewed, just take a look at the folder page and look for the Eye (preview) Icon. You can also check out a full list of previewable file types by clicking here.

New Link Icon

Targeted accounts will also see a new 'link' icon that provides the Internal Link only. The link can then be copied using the Copy button.

Tip: This is helpful if employees and managers want to share files with other accounts. N.B. Only targeted accounts can ever view Internal Links so there is no risk of unauthorised accounts accessing files.

New Icons and Features for Administrators

Administrators will also see a number of new icons and features on the folder page, including: 

  • New File Icons - New File icons are now displayed on the platform for different file types. Each file type is grouped to a specific icon. To see a full list including which file types are previewable click here
  • Filename - New field that lists the current filename uploaded and is displayed directly under the name given to the file. This also includes the file extension type
  • Targeting - New Icons for Target Location, Target Group and Target Account
  • Uploaded Date - New field which displays what date and time the file was last updated (this is automatically adjusted for user time zones)
  • Preview and Download - As seen above for targeted accounts
  • Links - As seen above but administrators will see both an Internal Link and an External Link (more on this feature below in the Enhanced Link Security section)
  • Active - New Icon
  • Copy, Edit, Delete and Download - New Icons

New View Folder Icon for Administrators

At National Level, World Manager accounts have a new View (magnifying glass) icon, which shows the Folder page.

Faster Access to File Links

As mentioned above the new Link Icon presents a window that shows the Internal Link and for administrators also shows the External Link as shown below. This can be copied using the Copy button.

Tip: If the file does not need to be accessed by someone outside of the platform we recommend using Internal Links

My Tasks Widget Updates

The My Tasks Widget displays new content that has been assigned or targeted to a user on the dashboard. With recently targeted Manuals and Files, the Widget now also displays the preview icon (for previewable file types) and a separate download icon.

Extra Search Features

When search results are returned for Manuals and Files, the same icons will appear in the search results. It also displays the breadcrumb menu.

Enhanced Link Security

Each file that is uploaded to the World Manager platform has two accessible links:

  • Internal Link - This link operates as a private link, that will only allow access to the file if the user has an active account on the platform and has been targeted to access the file.
  • External Link - This is where World Manager has made some security enhancements! Previously, publicly accessible links (External Links) could be distributed by administrators to anyone, inside and outside of the platform. This meant that anyone that had access to an External Link could access the file at any time if the file remains active. 

Important: When migrating the files to CFS in September, this implemented a new standard of encryption which is designed to prevent many types of unauthorised access including cyber attacks. 

In an effort to increase security for External Links, Administrators now have two new options to prevent unauthorised distribution:

External Links set to Inactive by Default for New Files

When creating a new file, the External Link status is set to inactive by default. This enables administrators to have the option whether or not to make the External link available.

Tip: External Links enable sharing of files externally without account authentication via a publicly accessible link. If the file does not need to be accessed by someone outside of the platform we recommend using Internal Links and leaving the External Link status set to Inactive.

Regenerate External Links

Regeneration of an External Link is a new feature that has been introduced that enables administrators to recreate (regenerate) a new External Link. Using this function makes all previous versions of the link redundant each time the Regenerate button is clicked. For existing External Links you will be shown the message below:

Example Old Format:

Example New Format (after Regenerate is used):

Important: All existing External Links will still be accessible after the upgrade for a period of time, but we highly encourage our brands to start using the Regenerate button to create more secure External Links. Regenerating the link will create a new External Link with the new standard of encryption for maximum security. 

Note: When a file is made inactive, both the Internal and External Links to the file will be made inactive automatically. If the file is then made active, only the internal link will be accessible. The External Link will then have to be made active separately. Once reactivated, the existing External Link will resume allowing access to the file until it is either inactivated or regenerated.

Bulk Targeting

On the Edit page of a Folder, we have introduced Bulk Targeting. This enables new targeting to be set for all existing files and folders in that folder and (if selected) all sub-folders in that folder. Previously, to change the targeting of existing files, administrators needed to navigate to each individual file to change the targeting.

In the below example, we are changing the existing targeting for 'Folder 4' from all the Queensland Locations to all NSW Locations using Bulk Targeting. We are also updating targeting for all sub-folders in 'Folder 4' and updating the Default Targeting for all new files and folders.

Reporting Changes

Employee Activity Report

Now that we have introduced a separate option to Preview files as well as Download, we have included this information in the Employee Activity Report in Communication → Downloaded Files report. This is shown in the Download Type column as Viewed or Downloaded:

File Downloads

File Downloads report in Communications / I.T. Stats now tracks separate downloaded files if the file has been updated in an existing file. In the example below, the .PNG file that was uploaded originally was blue.png and has since been updated with a new file called blue(2).png but the file description name remains the same. This means the report now tracks downloads on the file itself, showing separate download totals. 

Tip: We recommend any time a file needs updating to make that file inactive and upload a brand new file with a new file name. 

Manuals and Files Report

We are proud to introduce a brand new Manuals and Files report at National level that shows:

  • Name - Name that was given to the file
  • Filename -  Uploaded file name and size
  • Folder Level - The complete folder path for the file
  • Created By - Administrator that uploaded the file
  • Uploaded Date - Displays what date and time the file was uploaded (this is automatically adjusted for user time zones)
  • Active - Shows the current status of the file
  • View - Total amount of previews of the file for previewable file types
  • Downloads - Total amount of downloads
  • Total - Views + Download = Total

You can navigate to this report by going to:

(National Level) System → Stats and Reports → Communication/ I.T. Stats

You can also drill down into the report to see individuals who have downloaded the file by clicking on the Total number as outlined below:



Please contact a member of the Support Team at if you have any questions.

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