Technical Package Requirements for our Platform

There are a number of considerations to make when producing content for the World Manager platform. The way these considerations are applied when producing your content will depend on the authoring tool being used, but this article aims to provide the technical, general groundwork for compatibility.


Supported Package Formats

By default, the platform only supports packages published with the SCORM 1.2 standard. However, support was added for additional eLearning standards in the Enterprise Learning upgrade in 2022. In addition to SCORM 1.2, support was added for xAPI (Tin Can API), cmi5, AICC, and SCORM 2004.

xAPI, otherwise known as Tin Can, is an acronym for Experience Application Programming Interface. Its development in 2013 brought a major change in the eLearning cycle. The xAPI has the potential to separate the activity provider (the LMS), which generates the API statement with the Learning Record Store (LRS), which receives and stores the statements in a database. You could for example have an LRS separate from the platform, which will receive statements when a user completes a package. You can use an LRS to enhance reporting as potentially you could report on specific actions a user takes in the course. 

Cmi5 offers many of the structural benefits that SCORM also provides, such as defined instructions for launching content, and support for multiple lessons (SCORM 2004).

AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) is a very early learning standard that is no longer receiving updates. It doesn't offer course tracking. We record using one of the other formats when possible. 

SCORM 2004 is an improvement on SCORM 1.2 and it offers more benefits. Some of the advantages of SCORM 2004 are:

  • You can save 64,000 characters in the course suspend data (in SCORM 1.2 this limit was 4096).
  • Separation of completion and passed statuses.

Currently, the additional standards do not offer extra reporting options within the LMS, however, as outlined above you can use some of these standards in combination with an LRS to report on the results separately.


Note: The additional standards require enabling by the platform support team. If you are interested in using the additional standards, please  send an email to contact

Setting Lesson Status

If you are using SCORM 1.2, at some point the course will need to communicate to the LMS the state of the training content by setting the cmi.core.lesson_status value to either passed, failed, completedor browsed. Without this, the platform will not know whether to ask the user to take the test again or to progress the user into the next part (once the content has finished).

Note: The status must be set to exactly one of those values, without misspellings, otherwise it may result in unexpected behaviour or the inability to finish the SCORM.

Packaged as ZIP

When a package is uploaded to the platform it must be compressed into a ZIP file. 



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