Following up on Incident Reports

After an Incident Report has been submitted, there are two main actions that can be taken. If the nature of the incident is such that certain actions should be taken to ensure that it has been adequately dealt with, Action Plans can be issued to users of the platform.

Once no further actions are necessary, the final step is to follow up on the incident – done by assigned and assigned escalation managers of the incident. After that is done, the incident is deemed complete.

If there are incidents where you are an assigned manager, the Incident Reports tool will contain a section titled Incidents Requiring My Attention, below which will be a list of these incidents. Click on the name of that incident, then the Follow Up button to access the Follow Up page.

Example Follow Up page

On this page, you will see a confirmation message, typically detailing the requirements that should be attained before completing the incident, a text area for any comments regarding the incident, and a checkbox with a final acknowledgement confirmation. Check this acknowledgement and click the Complete button to finalise the incident.

Note: The Follow Up button will not be available if incomplete Action Plans exist for the incident.

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