Exporting & Adding the Calendar Feed

If you use an external calendar system that supports iCal or Internet Calendars (such as Google Calendar or Microsoft's Outlook Calendar), the items that appear in the platform's Calendar tool can be automatically added to your external calendar.

Copying the Calendar Feed URL

Your external calendar will require a Feed URL from the platform. This can be found by going to 'Communication → Calendar', and clicking the Export Calendar Feed button. A pop-up window will appear that contains the calendar Feed URL. Copy the URL, then refer to the below instructions for adding the calendar to your relevant device.

Adding the Calendar to your device

Once you have copied the Feed URL, you can now use that to add it to an external calendar on your device. Please refer to the below instructions:

PC (Outlook 2013/2016)

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on the 'calendar' icon (bottom left) to open it

3. Click on the '+ Open Calendar' button (top ribbon)

4. Click on the "From Internet..." option

5. Paste the Feed URL you copied in the earlier steps, then click on the "OK" button

The calendar will now be added to your Outlook, which you can view via the calendar as per usual.

Android (Google Calendar)

1. Open a browser (on a PC or your device)

2. Go to https://calendar.google.com to open your Google Calendar

Note: The account must be the same one associated with your Android device

3. Click on the '+' icon underneath the mini calendar (left side)

4. Click on the "From URL" option

5. Paste the Feed URL you copied in the earlier steps, then click on the "ADD CALENDAR" button

6. Once added, click on the calendar link (left side) to open its properties and change the name to something more relevant [optional]

Tip: You can also configure calendar permission and notification settings in this area as well (if desired).

7. Open the Google Calendar app on your Android device

8. Tap on the menu icon (top left)

9. Scroll down, then tap on the "Settings" option

10. Tap on the name of the new calendar you added

Note: If it does not appear, click on the "Show more" option to reveal it.

11. Tap on the "Sync" button to turn it on

Attention: Due to the wide range of devices that use the Android operating system, syncing a calendar may be different to what's specified above. Please refer to your device's user manual to determine where to find this setting.

The calendar will now be added to your Android device, which you can view via the Google Calendar app as per usual.

Resetting the Access Token

If for some reason you wish for a current external calendar to no longer be able to update with information from your calendar, you can do so by resetting the access token. Similarly to the above, go to 'Communication → Calendar', click on the Export Calendar Feed button, then click the Reset Token button.

Note: Once this is done, external calendars that were once provided the Feed URL will no longer update with your latest calendar entries, until the new Feed URL is added instead.

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