FAQ: Can I create multiple sub-domains (URLs) that point to our preferred platform address?


You can create different sub-domains that redirect to one main platform URL. 

For example, if your main/default platform address was ParentCompany.worldmanager.com but you wanted to provide different access points for your various brands, we can create different sub-domains for each brand. Please see examples below:

  • YourBrand1.worldmanager.com
  • YourBrand2.worldmanager.com

Note: When the users access these sub-domains, they are immediately redirected to the main/default platform address (e.g. ParentCompany.worldmanager.com) and can log in with their credentials as per usual.

The above examples are known as World Manager sub-domains, as they end in .worldmanager.com. For these types of requests, nothing needs to be done from your end apart from providing us with the sub-domain you'd like to use. As long as it is not in use already, we will then activate the sub-domain from our end and advise once it is ready for use.

In addition to creating World Manager sub-domains, you also have the option to use your own domain (e.g. YourBrand.yourdomain) to use as the platform address, which are known as custom domains. However, there are additional requirements for setting these up - please refer to the Custom Domain Names & SSL Certificates article for additional information on this.

If you wish to organise for additional sub-domains to be created, or require any further information, please get in touch with our Support team today at wmsupport@franconnect.com.

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