Custom Domain Names & SSL Certificates

Custom Domain Names

If you wish to create a custom domain name for access to your World Manager platform (eg. instead of the default, this process is quite simple to manage. We also provide an SSL Certificate for your custom domain - free of charge - through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

To begin this process, please do the following:

  1. Create your custom domain name with your preferred domain provider (e.g.
  2. Send an email to your Relationship Manager (RM), with the following details:
    • Current (or default) platform URL
    • Custom domain URL you created
    • Name + Email of your preferred IT department/provider contact details [important]

Note: Once your RM has all the relevant details, they will put through a request to the Support Team on your behalf.

The Support Team will then configure your new custom domain and provide your IT contact with DNS records that they must configure from your end. These records vary, depending on the 'type' of custom domain you have chosen (more on this below).

Root Domain

A root domain is the combination of a second-level domain (SLD) and a top-level domain (TLD). It's the most basic version of a domain name.

Tip: An example of a root domain is:

With root domains, there are two (2) different methods to choose from - as below:

Method #1: We host your DNS [preferred]

Use this method if your domain provider does not allow you to create ALIAS A type records. 

If you opt for us to host your DNS, the following records are required on your end:

  1. Purpose: Redirect + SSL | Type: NS (4x)

Important: If we are hosting your DNS, then you will need to contact us for any other records you need set up for this domain (e.g. TXT, MX etc.). This can be requested at any time, and will be done free of charge.

Method #2: You host your DNS

Use this method only if your domain provider allows you to create ALIAS A type records (which is not very common).

If you opt to host your own DNS, the following records are required on your end:

  1. Purpose: Domain Redirect | Type: ALIAS A (2x)
  2. Purpose: SSL Certificate | Type: CNAME (2x)


A sub-domain is a third-level domain, which comes before the root domain.

Tip: An example of a sub-domain is: (the sub-domain is bolded)

With sub-domains, the following DNS records are required:

  1. Purpose: Domain Redirect | Type: CNAME (1x)
  2. Purpose: SSL Certificate | Type: CNAME (1x)

SSL Certificates

As alluded to above, World Manager offers free SSL certificates for all of our platforms through Amazon Web Services (AWS). By allowing us to host your platform's SSL certificate, this eliminates the need for you to generate + supply your own each time it expires - which can cause a warning message to appear on your platform (if not updated/handled in time).

Before the Amazon Certificate Authority (CA) can issue a certificate for your site, though, AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) must verify that you in fact own or control the domain for which the AWS SSL Certificate will be issued. This is done via DNS validation (more on this below).

DNS Validation

This SSL validation method requires you to configure a DNS (CNAME) record, which we will provide, by your IT department/provider from your end to validate your domain. Once set up, AWS will read this record and confirm that it is attached to the custom domain, which will then activate the SSL.

Important: AWS SSL certificates expire annually. However, as long as this CNAME record exists, then it will automatically renew each year - without any action required from your end. So, please ensure the record remains as is on your end.

Tip: For more information on this verification process, please refer to the AWS site:

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