Category Management

The Service Desk is effectively made up of tickets submitted by users and external parties, and these tickets are organised into categories. Categories must first be created before tickets can be submitted.

Categories play a major role in the Service Desk, as they each have their own hierarchy, affecting which users are able to submit a ticket into that category, which users may become responsible for tickets, and which users can have administrative access over the tickets. Categories also affect what kinds of statuses become available for its tickets. In a sense, categories can be thought of as the 'type' or 'kind' of a ticket.

Categories Page

The management of categories takes place in the Categories portion of the Service Desk, accessible by Administrators of the platform. This can be found by going to the Service Desk tool (under the Operations suite) and clicking on the Categories button.

Example Categories page

This page is mainly composed of a table, listing the existing categories. Each category also contains some functions affecting its management. In addition to these, an extra column labeled Last Successful Check is available, showing a date for those categories with email monitoring turned on. See Setting Up Email Monitoring for more information.


Category creation – From this page, you can begin the process of creating a new category by clicking on the New Category button. See Creating a Category for more information.

Copy, Edit, Delete – Standard content management functions, found in a variety of tools. See Common Content Management Paradigms for more information.

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