Linked Questions for Two Way Appraisals

Two-Way Appraisals can link a question to other questions within the same Appraisal. This is so when completing an Appraisal the answers to the linked questions will also be displayed if they have been completed previously.

Note: This feature is only available for Two-Way Appraisals and for all 9 question types except for a blurb question as blurb questions do not have answers.

In this example, we are going to Link an Appraisal Question in an Appraisee Section (Crew Review) to an Appraisal Question in an Appraiser Section (Manager Review). This will enable the Appraiser to view the Appraisee answer when they are completing the Appraisal.

Setting up the Linked Question

1. First, we need to link the Question to another Question in a different Section.  Go to the Two Way Appraisal and click the 'Edit' icon, in this example the Appraiser Section (Manager Review)

2. Go to any Question type except a blurb Question type. In this example, we are going to use a Long Answer Question. 

3. Click the 'Edit' icon

3. You will now see a new button called Link Question Click this button as below:

4. Choose a Question from another Section to Link to this Question. In this example, we are choosing the Appraisee Section (Crew Review) and the Question (Question 2: Safety Modules).

5. Click Save

6. You can now see the Question in the Appraisee Section (Crew Review) has been linked to the Appraiser Section (Manager Review). Click Update to save all changes

Note: You can link multiple questions from other Sections so repeat Steps 2-6 above to link more Questions

Appraisee and Appraiser Completion

Now that the Question(s) have been linked we can look at the Two-Way Appraisal workflow.

1. When the Appraisee begins the Appraisal you can see our Question (Question 2: Safety Modules) appear as normal for the Appraisee and they can complete the Appraisal as normal.

2. Once the Appraisee has completed the Appraisal, the Appraiser will see the Answer to the Linked Question(s) as below

Copy and Linked Questions when Copying Sections

If there are linked Question(s) in a Section and the Section is then copied, a modal window with a tick box option will appear as below

Unticked  - Will duplicate the Section as the same type. In this example, the original Section was an Appraiser Section, the duplicated Section will be created as an Appraiser Section.

Ticked  - Will duplicate the Section as the opposite type. In this example, the original section was an Appraiser Section, the duplicated Section will be created as an Appraisee Section. All Questions in the copied Section will be linked back to the Questions of the original Section. 

We recommend testing this linked Question functionality in your playground environment before creating on live platforms, for any further questions please contact


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