System - Appraisals

This section of System Configuration contains only two option:

1. Allow Appraiser Reassignment.

Under some circumstances, Two Way appraisals may become orphaned. This means that no progress is able to be made on the appraisal because the assigned appraiser cannot access or complete their section of the appraisal. This situation can arise if, for example, the appraiser moves locations, their account becomes deactivated, or the targeting of the appraisal is changed.

Allow Appraiser Reassignment is designed to remedy these situations, by allowing other potential appraisers to take over the role of appraiser in these orphaned Two Way appraisals. When this option is on, potential appraisers simply need to view the appraisal in the Appraisals tool, and click on the Take Over button to become the appraiser.

2. Allow Appraisal Reset and Completion.

When this is activated it will mean World Managers are able to reset a completed appraisal back to Not Attempted or they can Force Complete an Appraisal.

For an overview of Appraisal Settings take a look at the following video

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