Integration FAQs

Q1: What is the World Manager API and how do we get access to it?

A: Our Simple Object Access Protocol Application Programming Interface, known as a SOAP API, is the technology that allows developers to integrate World Manager Account and Location data with third-party systems. 

This API is offered on a self-service basis, free of charge. This means that all integration projects are handled by our brands or a third party developer which they have contracted. As such, all of these integrations are custom made to suit the specific requirements of each of our brands and the functionality that the third party system allows.

If a skilled developer would like to develop an integration on behalf of your brand with a third party product, we can provide them with the technical documentation that they will need in order to build the integration application as below:

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Support Team via and make sure to include details surrounding the integration such as the third party system, who will be managing the project and who the developer will be. 

Q2: We use as our . Does World Manager integrate with this product?

A: As all integration projects are essentially custom built solutions, each integration is only relevant to the brand that built it. This means that whilst another brand may have integrated with a particular product that you use, this doesn’t actually mean that it would have any bearing on your own integration needs as it is not possible to reuse someone else’s integration code.

Q3: What functionality does the World Manager API support?

A: At present, the SOAP API allows access to create, update, delete or retrieve Accounts and Locations data. This data includes all default and custom fields that may have been created.

Q4: What are the most common integration examples?

A: By far, the most common integration that our brands implement is an Account/Location data sync between World Manager and their Payroll system. This integration saves loads of time by preventing the need to duplicate data entry in both systems. 

Q5: We don’t have any developer resource in our brand. How do we go about integrating with a third-party product without a developer?

A:  Easy! World Manager has partnered up with Integration Consultants in both the Asia-Pacific and North American regions who can handle integration projects from start to finish. Simply get in touch with our support team viawmsupport@franconnect.comand provide details surrounding the integration requirements and who would be managing the project on your side. Our support team may request some more information if they feel the request needs some clarification, but once it is confirmed that what you are after is possible, they can then introduce you to our Integration Consultant in your region who will then take over and work with you to provide a quote for work required.

Q6: Does World Manager support Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Yes, World Manager supports SSO via the SAML protocol. For more information on SSO please refer to the SSO Overview article or click on one of the images below to see a guide for how to set up SSO for an identity provider:

World Manager also platforms supports SSO via the OAuth 2.0 protocol where World Manager is the provider of the credentials. For detailed information on the OAuth 2.0 protocol that World Manager uses please refer to the SSO OAuth Documentation or contact for any questions. 

Q7: We have a developer but they are having some trouble working with the API. Who can they contact for support?

A: We have a separate API Support team that includes senior developers who are able to answer specific questions about our API. You can get in touch via and our team will make sure their questions are answered.

Please note: The API Support team are only able to assist with technical questions regarding the API, and are not able to provide assistance with the scoping or project implementation planning of your integration project. In some cases, they may suggest that your developer gets in touch with one of our Integration Consultants if there does not appear to be sufficient knowledge of the integration process that would be required to successfully implement the integration. Our Integration Consultants would then be able to provide a quote for working together to implement the solution. 

Q8: Is it possible to integrate World Manager with Active Directory?

A: That would depend on how you want the integration to behave. For example, it is possible to build integration with Active Directory to sync account data with World Manager, however, if you also wanted to incorporate Single Sign-On (SSO), then this would only be possible if World Manager was to be the system of record. Unfortunately, most requests for Active Directory integration relate to using Active Directory as the system of record for SSO purposes, so in these cases, it is not possible at present.

Q9: Can we export employee training results to third-party systems using the API?

A: Unfortunately, no. The API allows access to Accounts and Locations data only at this stage.


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