Undertaking a Written Test

Written Test training requires users to provide a written answer to a posed question. When opening a Written Test, you will see a simple page similar to the one below:

Example of a Written Test

  • Test – The name of the Written Test that you are viewing.
  • Question – This is the question or prompt you must write a response to.
  • Learning Material – Attached files that you may need to view before writing your answer. The availability of this Learning Material will vary from one Written Test to another.
  • Answer – Text area where you can type your answer to the question.
  • Attachments – File upload field that can be used to include any relevant files when responding to the question.
  • Back – Return to the previous page without saving or submitting anything you have completed on the page.
  • Save – This button will save your progress, and allow you to complete it at a later time. Note: This does not submit your answer.
  • Finish – This submits your answer and/or attachments to your managers. You must have either written an answer or uploaded an attachment for the submission to be successful.

After pressing Finish, the status of your test will either become Complete, or Not Marked. If it becomes Not Marked, a Manager must review your answer to either pass or fail it.

for: adm, mgr; emp;

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