Starting a Location Review

Before we look at how to create a new Location Review, let’s have a look at the process of filling one in.

Go into Operations → Location Reviews and click on the New Location Review button. From the drop-down list you select which report you need to fill in.

Note: Users will only see reviews that are targeted to them.

New Location Review Page

When beginning a Location Review, the first page you will be presented with is the 'New Location Review' page, where a few pieces of information will need to be provided. Once all the details have been supplied, press Begin to start the survey.

Example of a New Location Review page

Each review will attached to their location of the user – if the user is an Area Manager or multi-location General Manager, they are able to select the location they are completing the review on from a drop down list. You will also see any instructions such as what the process of this report is or who to contact first. 

Specific Details

  • Type – Drop down containing the names of the available types of Location Reviews for you to submit.
  • Description – A required text input field where you can enter a fitting description. This is the main way that submitted reviews of this type are distinguished by recipients.
  • Area – The available areas that you can submit the Location Review for.
  • Location – The available locations that you can submit the Location Review for.
  • Review Date – The date and time that the review took place.
  • Instructions – Any further information that should be taken into consideration when completing the review will be displayed here, below the review date.

Page Buttons

  • Back – Returns the user to the main Location Reviews tool page.
  • Begin – Use this button to start the Location Review.

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