Starting an Internal Survey

For Managers and Employees, any Internal Surveys that are available to do can be found in the My Training tool, under the Fuel Gauge that the Internal Survey has been placed under. Alternatively, if the My Tasks widget is available on the dashboard, any available Internal Surveys will also be listed there.

The first step of starting the Internal Survey is opening it, by clicking on its name in either of these places. You will be taken to the Details Page, from which you can then start your Internal Survey by clicking the Begin button.

Details Page

When opening an Internal Survey, the first page you will be presented with is the Details page, which contains some information about the Internal Survey. 

Example of an Internal Survey's Details page

Specific Details

  • Status – The stage this survey is at.
  • Number of Sections – As per the name, how many sections exist in this Internal Survey.

Page Buttons

  • Modify – Allows user to make further changes to the Internal Survey. The availability of this button depends on the options set for the Internal Survey by the platform administrators.
  • Begin – Use this button to start the Internal Survey.

for: mgr, emp;

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