Reviewing Internal Survey Responses

Once a user has completed an Internal Survey, there are a few different ways where an Administrator and/or Manager can review the answers. The purpose of this article is to provide instructions on how to review Internal Survey responses using the two (2) most common methods, as below:

1. Stats and Reports Tool

The first method, is to use the Stats and Reports tool. Please see instructions below:

1. Select a Country

2. Go to System → Stats and Reports

3. Click on Training Stats

3. Select the Internal Surveys option, under the Detailed Stats section

4. Once selected, you are given the option to target specific Internal Survey(s) and/or section(s) [optional]

5. Click on Generate

2. Search Tool

The second method, is to use the Search tool. Please see instructions below:

1. Click on the 'search' icon (top right)

2. Type the name of the user you wish to find, and click on Search (or press ENTER)

3. Once the search results load, locate the user and click on View Training Results 

Note:This will direct you to the user's Individual Performance (training) page.

4. Click on the name of the Fuel Gauge (that contains the Internal Survey)

5. Click on the name of the Internal Survey

If you have any questions, or require any further assistance, please contact

for: adm,mgr;

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