Replying to Notices

When a notice is opened from the notice list (by click its title, reply count, or reply button), you are lead to its reply page. This page will show the same notice components described in the Reading your Notices article, as well as replies that have been made to the notice, and an extra text area below for new replies to be made.

Individual notice, with text area for replying underneath

If you would like to make a reply to the notice, simply enter the reply in the text area. From this point, you are able to either clear the text area by pressing the Reset button, or submit the reply by pressing the Reply button. 

Reply Display Permissions

The replies shown here depend on the relationships between the poster, responder, and viewer's account groups, in the overall hierarchy of the platform. The rules governing the display of replies can be expressed in the following:

  • The notice poster will be able to see all replies to the notice.
  • The responder will be able to see all of their own replies, as well as any replies to them from a manager.
  • Any manager whose branch of the hierarchy includes the notice poster will be able to see all replies to the notice. Such managers will need to access this page from Manage Notices.
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