Managing Module Questions and Slides

This article goes into detail on how to add, remove, and edit the various types of questions and slides that are available for E-Learning modules.

Accessing the Module Management page

For new E-Learning modules, this page will be automatically presented upon clicking the Save button when creating the new module. See Creating an E-Learning Module for more information.

For existing E-Learning modules, this page can be accessed by simply clicking the name of the module on the E-Learning page.

Parts of the Module Management page

Module Details

The top of this page displays a box that contains a number of different details about the configuration of the current module. If you wish to edit these details, you can do so by clicking the Modify button. See Creating an E-Learning Module for more information.

Test Details

Content Creation Bar

This bar contains buttons that allow you to create all the different types of slides and questions available for E-Learning modules. See section Questions and Slides for more information.

Content Creation bar

Current Slides

The remainder of the page is made up of information relating to the slides that currently exist in the module. Each table in this section corresponds to separate slides.

Current Slides

Each slide table contains the following components:

  1. Slide # – This dropdown determines the ordering of the slides in the module. Open the dropdown and select a new value to rearrange the ordering of the slides.
  2. Type – Displays the type of the slide.
  3. Preview – Allows the creator to see how the question will be presented when the module is undertaken by users.
  4. Copy, Edit, Delete  Standard content management functions, found in a variety of tools. See Common Content Management Paradigms for more information.
  5. Question/Title – Displays the given question or title of the slide.
  6. Answers/Content – Depending on the type of slide, the bottom part of the table can show the various possible answers for the question (with a green tick icon marking the correct answer), the provided content, or the uploaded video.

Questions and Slides

E-Learning modules support a number of different types of questions and slides to help effectively train your users:

All the various question/slide types have at least one required field. For all questions, it is necessary to provide at least one selectable answer, and to mark the correct answer (exception being the Short Answer Questions). Slides require either some content or a video to work.

Note: Content Slides and Video Slides are not questions, and do not count towards the module's marks, nor are they counted in any kind of training report. They should be used purely to present information to the user.

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