Sign Off Reminders

Manager-level accounts have the ability to create reminders to be notified when a Sign Off is nearing its refresh date.

This is done via the 'bell' icon, which is found wherever a Sign Off can be completed or modified. This includes the following pages:

  • Employee Results
  • Complete Sign Offs
  • Bulk Sign Offs

Note: Reminders will automatically be added to the manager's World Manager calendar, so that they can keep track of Sign Offs they are responsible for.

See instructions below for creating a reminder, which applies when signing off users:

1. Click on the 'bell' icon

2. In the pop-up modal that appears, the New Reminder form will be pre-filled with all the information related to the Sign Off. This includes:

  • Name
  • Content
  • Refresh Date
  • Send Reminder Email
  • Colour

3. Review the content and modify (where applicable)

4. Click on the Save button

Editing a Reminder

To edit a reminder, managers can go to the Calendar tool, find the relevant reminder and modify the entry.

Tip: Alternatively, managers can also click on the 'bell' icon via the Sign Offs tool (again) and modify the entry.

Deleting a Reminder

To delete a reminder, managers will need to go to the Calendar tool, find the relevant reminder and delete it manually.

for: adm, mgr;

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