Overriding Sign Off Refreshes

By default, Sign Off templates that have the Sign Off Refresh option checked/enabled, allow you to configure a certain number of days (in the Refresh after field) for it to automatically refresh. However, there is an additional option called Allow Managers to Override Refresh Dates that appears once the Sign Off Refresh option is checked/enabled.

When the Allow Managers to Override Refresh Dates option is checked/enabled, Administrator and Manager-level accounts will be able to modify the Refresh Date field on all pages wherever a Sign Off can be completed or modified, allowing the user to enter a 'custom' refresh date for that particular Sign Off. This includes the following pages:

  • Employee Results
  • Complete Sign Offs
  • Bulk Sign Offs

See instructions below for overriding the Refresh Date value, which applies when signing off users:

1. Under the Status column, click on the "Passed" button

2. Under the Refresh Date column, click on the checkbox next to the (date) field

3. Click on the 'calendar' icon (or in the field itself)

4. In the calendar that appears, select a date

Note: The Refresh Date column and field will be hidden until the "Passed" (status) button is selected, at which point it will become visible and automatically set to the date (based on the Completed Date + Refresh after field values).

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